Our Partners

Our partners from the education industry, as well as other NGOs collaborate with us to make our events and programs possible. Listed below are official partners of MahaBodh Foundation.

Our projects are implemented with the support of our community of volunteers, sponsors, professionals and industry to design well-packaged, cost effective, and efficient programs to educate individuals about societal and medical issues. In the past year, we’ve partnered with local area organizations like the People’s First Charitable Trust and the Gaya City Inner Wheel Club. Our organization has also been blessed with the support of many doctors who have kindly extended their help and support in helping us provide preventive health education and also free checkups to patients on site. Our collaborative approach to solving problems helps us reduce organizational and administrative costs, improve the facilities and presentations for our beneficiaries, and also involve groups of people outside the scope of our organization like companies and recreational clubs. Below is a list of partnering organizations whom we current work with:
Team MahaBodh is blessed to have had the support of wonderful doctors in the Gaya area who have volunteered to help and support our initiatives with their knowledge and presence. These gynecologists, general physicians, and surgeons have come out despite their busy schedules to inform people in rural and urban areas about proper health practices to avoid diseases, adolescent health and changes that may occur among youth during the adolescent years, and also to provide information about the free health facilities available in their areas so that people can counteract health problems before they get worse. Team MahaBodh salutes these Doctors’ efforts, and hopes for the continued support for even more doctors in the future.

Partnering NGOs
  • Buddha Health Education and Charitable Trust
  • People First Charitable Trust
  • MahaBodhi Society
  • Rotary Club of Gaya City
  • Innerwheel Club of Gaya City
  • Jeanamitabh Welfare Trust

Education Partners
Manav Bharti National School (Bodh Gaya, Bihar)
Gyan Bharti National School (Guraru, Bihar)
Computer Training Partners
Megasoft Educations
Dot Computer Education
Eden Web Inc
Partnering Doctors

Dr. Poonam Sahay
Dr. Vidya Bharti
Physicians and Surgeons
Dr. Binod Kumar Verma
Dr. Prabodh Kumar Verma
Dr. Pramodh Kumar